Hello world! This is dedicated to the Prophecy that came to William Blake concerning America. Although Blake had many prophecies, this spoke to the “New World”

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The project was about William Blake and his Prophecy concerning America. Revolution was a major influence not only on the time period, but on Blake, and his prophecies were a testament to his vision and creativity. Blake was a vocal critic for the war in America and coupled with the visions that Blake was revealed, his poetry was a beating drum for the “new” America. I found so many different references to the Romantic Era, considering Blake was a leading figure in the Era, that I wanted to find a particular piece that spoke not only to his courage contained in the writings, but also to the prophetic nature of Blake at his most prophetic.

Blake as a Child

As young William turned 10 he started to attend art school, which later proved to be to expensive. Then William’s parents sent him to learn to engrave where one of his assignments was to sketch tombs at Westminster Abbey, which was a large influence throughout his career.blake_london

A prophecy

Blake speaks to America directly through his prophecy,

” Washington spoke; Friends of America look over the Atlantic sea;

A bended bow is lifted in heaven,

& a heavy iron chain descends link by link

from Albions cliffs across the sea to bind Brothers and sons of America “